Our role

In order to be competitive in a globalized world with accelerated technological changes, it’s essential to rely on mechanisms that are able to minimize the time between the conception of the innovative idea and the launching of the services and products derived from them.  However, entrepreneurs not always have all the necessary components for the completion of their idea, thus not achieving the project or maximizing the desired socio-economic impact of it.

Startup.pr program provides support to entrepreneurs and investigators who, although are creators of innovative ideas, don’t have all the necessary resources or the adequate environment for the commercialization of shift to a subsequent phase of their project.

Our Services include:

Technical and Scientific Assistance

Often technical and scientific assistance in several disciplines are necessary for a successful business plan.

Business and Marketing Assistance

We provide technical assistance in business, marketing and administrative aspects.

Intellectual Property Protection

If your startup starts to scale quickly, a strong IP portfolio will be vitally important to your ability to play the long game.

Funds Opportunities Consulting

Our experts can help you to identify funds. Also we grant access to Startup.pr network.

Development and Construction of Prototypes

Access to laboratories and specialized equipment and  assistance in the development and construction of prototypes.

Office and Workshop Area

Sometimes, new entrepreneurial needs a physical space to attend potential customers, and maybe administrative services. Startup.pr provides more than this.

How can we help you?

Contact us at our offices located in Gurabo, Puerto Rico, or submit a business inquiry online.

“Price, initial investment costs are the highest risk for an entrepreneur. If Startup.pr provides these initial resources , your risk of failure is much lower, and time to get the market is much faster”.

Dr. Carlos Alvarado
President & Owner, Novel Biomedical Devices

“Take your business idea to a written paper , design it, structuring and bring it to reality seeking to satisfy a need, certainly will be a Successful Business Idea.”

Amparo Díaz
Owner, reposteriaonline.com

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