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Startup.pr is a Technology Accelerator project whose main purpose is to provide financial and technical assistance to entrepreneurs, investigators and inventors in the development and commercialization of their innovative technology based products.

Startup.pr supports entrepreneurs who do not have all the resources to bring their projects to a later stage or marketing.

Why Startup.pr makes a difference?

  • We have collaborative agreements with multinational corporations and government entities
  • We work in collaboration with the ecosystem of Startups in Puerto Rico
  • Access to researchers and internationally recognized experts
  • We have a network of specialized service providers in different areas
  • We provide laboratories and specialized equipment

Startup.pr receives proposals in three cycles during the year. These proposals are subject to a process of evaluation by specialists in the relevant disciplines. The proponent must demonstrate that the project has the technical merits to justify the commercial development.

How can we help you?

Contact us at our offices located in Gurabo, Puerto Rico, or submit a business inquiry online.

“Price, initial investment costs are the highest risk for an entrepreneur. If Startup.pr provides these initial resources , your risk of failure is much lower, and time to get the market is much faster”.

Dr. Carlos Alvarado
President & Owner, Novel Biomedical Devices

“Take your business idea to a written paper , design it, structuring and bring it to reality seeking to satisfy a need, certainly will be a Successful Business Idea.”

Amparo Díaz
Owner, reposteriaonline.com

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